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Pagmies - "I, for my part, would rather be made from the dust of an alien world than the ether of anyone's heaven" - Shiu Wei, Amorpha

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Before we start, please visit the forum we co-run for empowered multiples, and anyone else who has headmates here.
We have also started uploading our book to the internet, as it is written. This can be found here.
We also run an IRC channel - #plurality on
This site used to be hosted elsewhere, but has moved to meeble. Great thanks to our host.
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A welcome to the Collective, from each of the members.

We are neither MPD (multiple personality disorder) nor DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) but are instead a natural or healthy multiple or plural system.

We are Pagmies, a system that believes it was created by trauma, but that is open to the concept of healthy multiplicity, and that believes that that is common. We are not a system full of serial killers, although one of us is sometimes homicidal, or a system of sluts, although one of us can promiscuous, we are a system of fully rounded people, with emotions, likes and dislikes. None of us is the *angry alter* and whilst one fo us looks after us, she is not a stereotypical protector. We are people, just like you are a person. We have fun, laugh, play games, we get sad and cry and we get angry and hurt people. We go to college and we do our work. Being plural is not an excuse for anything, in our opinion. We sometimes forget to hand our work in, but that is not a reason to then say, “Oh, I am multiple, sorry” any more than it is to blame an action on someone else. As a system we must learn to do right, and whilst that will take time, letting this take us off the hook is unhelpful. We should not have to hide being multiple, but the fact is that we do, and that is simply how things are. If the stigma ever goes we might say, but for now we shall not. You will not find the bodysurname on this site anywhere, so don't bother looking. Email us at sure, but don't pester us as to who we are. We are Pagmies Collective. That is all you need to know.

Feel free to ask us questions, that is what the board is for, yes, even stupid questions. But do not be offended or try to change our views on ourselves. Do not say that we are in fact one person, because we are not, we are lots of individual people in one body. Do not say we are faking it, just because we know each other and are friends. Do not say we are copying, we know what we are. Do not deride the systems we admire because we count them amongst friends or role models. We are proud of those people, they are strong and we admire them. So don't deride people for the wrong reasons but instead ask yourself why being multiple scares you too much. We are not crazy, we are sane, despite having issues. We have been through a lot and are allowed our eccentricities. This is a promise and a request from us. From this we hope you learn a lot about how we work, because this is a part and parcel of who we are. The contract will keep developing and expanding, currently to take the body and use it safely is a show of consent and willingness to hold to the contract that we are developing. So do not treat us as different or special, and do not attempt to allow us space to develop, we have all we need, do not repeat everything you say for all of our benefit, if it is important we will write it down to keep.

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We have a set of rules that the Collective must abide by, and not abiding by them means that they lose all access to the body, and all right to fronting for a period of time decreed by Council:

   1. Act (when people are not aware of our multiple status) as the 17 year old singlet, and answer to the body-name.
   2. Act with respect to those that claim to know the body, and treat them as friends unless you have cause to behave otherwise.
   3. When leaving fronting, remain co-aware for an appropriate period of time, in order that the next person to front is aware of what has happened.
   4. Write anything of importance that has occurred on the noticeboard, so others can be informed without you having to tell them.
   5. Attend the college classes that it has been deemed are your responsibility, unless you have adequate cause to refuse.
   6. Do not inform others of our status as multiple without permission from Council.
   7. Take responsibility for any of your actions within the Collective or whilst fronting.
   8. Do anything within your power to protect the Collective if necessary.

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This site is for information, researchers are welcome. Please credit anything we have written, but feel free to use it.

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