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Pagmies - "I, for my part, would rather be made from the dust of an alien world than the ether of anyone's heaven" - Shiu Wei, Amorpha
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The Mutliple Code  as it refers to us:

MuC N-^ [f;f/m/n/a/?] S.H+ A-(b-- r---!/++) Os/n Wu- ^ Cc-[Cc--/Cc+] I---# OF(r- o++) P# Fx?^+ [F#+] T++#*^ Xp (g/s/b/a/p/=+/^!@&%) Js~ Do [v] R- C+++ So--- (MF+++)

MuC: Multiple Code
N-^: Number between 11 and 20, everyone frontruns sometimes
[f;f/m/n/a/?: The body is female, but the system contains people who are female, male, neutrois, androgynous and of unknown gender / unsure
S.H+: We are all human
A-(b-- r---!/++): The body is teenage, but we range in age from small children to adults
Os/n: Our origins are split and possibly also natural
Wu- ^: Our inner world is a walled dark cave system. Thought can be used to change it in small ways
Cc-[Cc--/Cc+]:We do not communicate excellently, but within some groups, communication varies from none to excellent
I---#: We do not want to integrate, and we believe it would be impossible
OF(r- o++): We are "out" to a few close friends offline, and pretty open about it online
P#: We do not believe in the paranormal
Fxq^+[F#+]: The body worships in the [kept private] fashion, but there are people within the group who follow their own religion
T++#*^: We are in a relationship, and our significant other(s?) are also a multiple system. We have some intrasystem relationships, but our main one is long-distance
Xp (g/s/b/a/p/=+/^!@&%):The body identifies as pansexual, but there are people in the system who are gay, straight, bi, asexual and pansexual. Members are into vanilla sex, are polyamorous, and are into BDSM, leather, corsets and body modifications
Js~: The body is that of a student, but wishes it wasn't
Do [v]: The diet is omnivorous, but there are people in the group who are vegan
R-: We have tried role-playing, but it isn't for us
C+++: We wish we had a permenant computer interface in our brain
So--- : We are pretty antisocial
(MF+++): We are very open to the idea of having multiple friends
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