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Pagmies - "I, for my part, would rather be made from the dust of an alien world than the ether of anyone's heaven" - Shiu Wei, Amorpha

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The life and death of the multiples forum.

The forum started out young and enthusiastic, run by a stable balanced system who wished to share that with others. Soon it got indexed on google, and grew from there, as people joined. It had its share of inactive members, doesn’t everyone, but the atmosphere was vibrant, and the focus was firmly on health. This was kept by the system that owned it, and the few systems that administrated it. The problem with them all being healthy was, of course, that they had other lives. Over time, they drifted away, busy with Real Life friendships, relationships and jobs, and soon there were only a few of the more disillusioned and more unwell administrators remaining active. Meanwhile, the board got older, and kept a core of active collectives. As so many joined each day, they would make a post about how difficult things were for them, this time it was a new “dark” alter, that time it was a horrible memory. They got far more attention for that than the core members ever did for posting about how well they were doing. Over time, a period of years in fact, the focus shifted, and these “ill” multiples grew. Eventually the only way that the originals, the core members, could even get noticed was to post the same thing. It started for them with the slight exaggeration of somebody new emerging, or a mild flashback becoming terrifying, but the attention and sympathy became exhilarating. Soon, whole new alters were being invented, just to get noticed, and as is the case, once an alter had been invented, if it was talked about enough, it became almost real to the people talking about it, and soon they became increasingly unstable, as the alter that they had invented to get just a little bit of attention became a key part of their collective. This got harder and harder for them, so they continued to post, but however bad the stuff this alter put them through, there was always someone who had been through worse, on the board. The atmosphere became more and more unhealthy, and less and less people came to it, because it was so draining and unbearable. Meanwhile, these core members lost the stability they had had, and became iller and iller, and it was a vicious circle. Eventually the owner came back to their happy healthy empowering community, and was shocked and horrified. In a fit of anger, they took the board and deleted it, rather than to let their precious community stagnate any further, and the regulars just moved elsewhere, maybe trying to gain some stability back, maybe not. Either way, the board had been a failure, people were wrecked by it, and it was dead.

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