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Pagmies - "I, for my part, would rather be made from the dust of an alien world than the ether of anyone's heaven" - Shiu Wei, Amorpha

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With Credit to Azu of Amorpha

When you’re saying what you have, if it is a disorder, or causes you disordered living, then please say that, we’re not asking you to lie to us, when that would do nobody any good. If it isn’t a disorder though, then for christs sakes say that, don’t tar it with one brush because it’s easier!

Please do your research, and know what you’re talking about when you talk, don’t just read a site about disorders, but look at Amorpha, or Pagmies, or Astraea, and decide which of them is you.

Please explain, or even mention natural multiplicity, it makes things so much easier for us if you do, it doesn’t take you long, but it makes such a difference

Get your words right, and your names for conditions as well, if you can be bothered, just… please

Remember that we exist as well, and your calling your multiplicity a disorder doesn’t benefit us, remember that there is healthy multiplicity as well, that there is the option not to be unwell, and when you’re talking, for crying out loud, use that! We are people as well, us of the different ways, and we want recognition for the way we live too, so just do that to help us, and maybe you’ll find that you’re helping yourselves as well, just maybe.


Is somebody in your system a mad axe murderer? Or is somebody suicidal? Insane? Dangerous? If so then yes, maybe it is a disorder, but psychiatric professionals tend to diagnose people presenting as multiple in whatever way the same, and maybe you’re not, maybe you’re a functional collective. If you are, then rejecting the label might be good for you, because it might keep you that bit less stuck. Labels are adhesive, and it is very easy to change yourself to fit the label, when maybe what you need is to change the label to fit who you are. In ways, we are beyond labels, us of the collected origins, we are multiple, and mid-continuum, and trauma based, and natural, and we have been disordered, although we aren’t now, and when we tell someone, we try and trace all that to them, because it matters that we are honest. Being all those things is difficult, we are neither one group nor another, but both, we are children of one, and of many.


When you explain your being MPD/DID to people, maybe explain it as a blessing, as a good thing, and as a part of who you are, not just as a disorder that destroys your life. Maybe introduce friends to some of your headmates, friends who know about it, because then they might change their perceptions, and friendships built can be a lot stronger when you are friends with all a persons headmates, not just one.


Stereotyping is common in the psychiatric and medical professions, and you might be branded a liar or an attention seeker for having the diagnosis, and it can be hard to accept that people might think that of you, without changing who you are, but it’s all part of this breaking down of what people think multiples are.


Maybe lend people this book, we mean, after all, if you’re reading it, you must be considering empowerment as a possible way to go, mustn’t you, and maybe the book will help with that, maybe it’ll show people the other side of multiplicity. Or maybe you’ll be branded a crackpot, yes, but isn’t it worth it?

Our parents, our family, and a lot of our friends are unaware that we are multiple. Why? Because of peoples reactions. We were abused, and they will take that as the cause, and drag us from psychiatrist to psychiatrist, getting us the diagnosis, after all, there’s no other way of being multiple, right?

You never read about normal healthy multiples because the fact is, we’re boring, we live boringly normal lives, why would people be interested?


Also think, do you want to be branded with the stereotypes that there are? Do you want to be branded insane, and people to take everything that they believe about you from “Sybil”? We’re guessing not. Sometimes, even if you see your group as MPD based, it might help you to be open about other origins of multiplicity, who knows, someday they might fit you. We thought for a long while that we had MPD/DID and were disordered, and we thought that was all there was, it was only when we read Astraea’s site that we realised we weren’t, the timescales didn’t fit, and that there was more to multiplicity than a disorder. Now a system we are friends with, who have always been firmly planted in the DID pen are beginning to rethink, even as they undergo intensive therapy, that there might be something beyond that, and they might be able to be healthy. You don’t have to integrate to be healthy, there is very little you have to do, except take responsibility for yourself. In a sense, breaking these stereotypes simply involves becoming what you always were meant to be, and taking responsibility for your own life, rather than passing it off, as is so easy to do, but gains nothing for being done. We ask very little of you for this, just that you remember that there is a world of multiplicity beyond the stereotypes, beyond the disorder, and that you stay open to that, just as we stay open to your world. We will let you be, in your disordered world if you wish, but when you want to step out of that, we will be here.
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