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Pagmies - "I, for my part, would rather be made from the dust of an alien world than the ether of anyone's heaven" - Shiu Wei, Amorpha

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"If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it's because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music that he hears, however measured or far away."

We don't talk about where we come from, and the ideas we draw from it are presented as fiction, just as a poorly disguised one of us appears as a character in a scrappy story we might be writing. Even online, we emphasize our attachments to this world, and these people, and detract from the world where we all have a life as individuals. Maybe someday we will withdraw to that world, and be the people we want to be there, instead of trying to be one person here. Maybe someday this world will cease to be important, and we will withdraw to our own cultures.

However, it is not that easy - we have amirii here, who we could not just leave, and we have friends, families we have created. An amir is someone we couldn't just leave, someone who should be protected as more than a friend. There are also those of us who are not consumed by this wanderlust, this urging desperation to relieve us of the existance here, filled with drama and inescapable difficulties, there are those who would to stay here, whose lives are here, and to whom the Homeland doesn't matter. We are a divided people, our culture has become dilute, our music comes from so far away that the commonest fronters barely believe it exists, and steep theirselves with this culture, rather than marching to our music.

Maybe the culture we claim is simply a fusion of films and music and ideas, or maybe we have tapped into something bigger than ourselves is irrelevent, it is yet our own, and as so, we will march to the music we hear, and the music we wish to, whatever it does to our reality.

Just as with The People, we feel banned from talking about our homeland, but we will remember it, and keep our connection with the main fronter, however much he isolates himself from what the existance we love is.

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