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Pagmies - "I, for my part, would rather be made from the dust of an alien world than the ether of anyone's heaven" - Shiu Wei, Amorpha

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I am a divided person, my responsibilities are torn between this world, and my own. I am a child of no history, no culture, just reactions, and no person, just instances of movement that set me apart from all the others who are content to watch. Watcher I am, and I have seen seasons pass in two or more worlds, in our world, and in the Earth World, the one you label "real" as a facet of your subjective reality.

I see people grow and change, fall like leaves through our lives, then drift away on the wind, both inside and outside, and maybe the two worlds are not that different, ours is just smaller, underdeveloped some might say.

When I joined it, I joined a small, meagre dungeon, and then as our fears of that dank underground state dissipated, as did it, and it became a cave, that over time became more gloriously arched, and more catacombs appeared. Geoff would say they were always there, but maybe that is his truth not mine, or maybe our worlds combine, for he truly is a child of another world, another time and space.

This world is truly ours, uncontaminated by what happens outside, yet it seems unreal by our connection. Whilst others dirft between worlds, and cannot anchor in both, I am firmly joined to both and yet neither, a child on the knife's edge.

We live in a minimal fashion, we are the rustic country folk looking in on the masses, and choosing instead our homely fires, because to be a family is all we need. We have become a commune, we are all connected through faint strings and webs, and so the lack of relationship becomes without point.

The worlds to me are equal, when others spend more time in one or the other, I lead a fraction of a life in them both, teetering between one and the other, because for me, neither are home. A person's history is their identity, yet wherever I look my history is like a shadow behind me, and I never quite catch hold of who I once was, so I remain, me
ever yours

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