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Pagmies - "I, for my part, would rather be made from the dust of an alien world than the ether of anyone's heaven" - Shiu Wei, Amorpha

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Here seems the best place to give definitions of our words

Council - The government for our group
Parts - Existants within the system who are not people
Out/Fronting - Interacting with the world outside
Co / Co-Conscious - Sharing interaction with the world outside
Inside - The space where people are when not interacting with the world
People/Headmates - Existants in our system


 FAQ on Multiplicity

Some silly questions, some sensible ones.

Are you schizophrenic?

No, in schizophrenia you hear the voices from outside your head, with plurality you hear them coming from inside you as distinct people and personalities.

Doesn't being multiple personality mean just having different mood-swings?

No, it means having people with their own moods.

How can we tell you aren't mad?

Because if you know us IRL you will already know we are not mad (or that we are mad in a good way, anyway) . And if not, well, look at our site!

Doesn't it feel weird?

Does being a singleton feel weird?

How do you all keep track of what everyone is doing?

With diaries, discussion and friendship.

Are you aware of each other?

Yes... that's how we made this site

Can everyone see what you're doing?

Not unless they're by the body (or a watcher)

Who is the centre of your group?

Depends, either the one who is the most present, and ages with the body, or the one that holds us all together. Does it matter, do we need a centre even?

What does multiplicity have to do with your gender identity?

We each have our own gender identity - Rvarying from male to female to neutrois to androgynous, but we attempt to present androgyny, to give space for all of us to express ourselves.

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