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Pagmies - "I, for my part, would rather be made from the dust of an alien world than the ether of anyone's heaven" - Shiu Wei, Amorpha

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It made sense to update this page now, because it needs doing sometime, and the sometime that involves free time in front of a computer with (sadly) no access to chat to waste our time. We took our individual web-pages down, they felt intrusive, and were a lot of work to maintain. It seemed wrong that we should base a site on the education about plurality on our own experiences and opinions. Therefore, we have replaced it with this page, with information about us that feels less public. Most of us are intensively private people, and we no longer wish to have our personal lives bared for all to see. If people wish to see, why, they can get to know us if they so desire, we welcome that, but we want no longer to be a circus exhibit.
We are the fifteen, the five and the two. The two are two fully formed people that are destructive within the system to the extent that when they didn’t sign the contract, we abandoned them in the catacombs. They remain alive, as far as we are aware, but are dead to us – we have no wish to be in contact with them, or connected to them in any way, unless they beg for that. If they will not sign the contract, they will not be a part of us, for our safety and theirs.
The five are the Watchers, who are a set of fragments that work as a group to ensure a full memory record. Despite that, they have chosen not to let us access said record, and we in turn have chosen to accept that, rather than enforce our will. They have chosen not to sign the contract nor have any part in internal affairs, and have relinquished any right they have to fronting time.
Finally, the fifteen are us, those that are living under council and the contract.
Our ages average out at 17.46 but we are consistently growing up. Due to shifted time, and lack of birthdays, our ages reassess as and when we need them to. We have two intrasystem relationships, a gay male relationship, and a straight couple preparing for marriage. We have a blend of genders (5 males, 7 females, 1 neutrois, 2 androgynes) within our group, as well as an immeasurably big blend of sexualities (and fetishes, yeah, yeah).
This is a map of our system, as of the 14th September:

This is a map of the current power structure:

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