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Pagmies - "I, for my part, would rather be made from the dust of an alien world than the ether of anyone's heaven" - Shiu Wei, Amorpha

Personal System Index
This language is primarily used by the te'ma'i

K'be - homeplace, word used for our headspace/innerworld/whatever
K'be'ci - homeplaceword, means "the language spoken by the te'ma'i"
Te'ma'i - one cultural group of people in k'be, they speak k'be'ci, the rest of us speak English
Ma'k'be - the part of k'be owned by the te'ma'i
Fa'k'be - the part of k'be owned by the non-te'ma'i
Te'fa'i - the te'ma'i name for people who live on k'be and aren't te'ma'i
Places on k'be will be appropriately tagged when necessary, ie if they've been labelled in k'be'ci but the
English names are here, with the k'be'ci if that's their only name:
Council Room: The space used for any council meetings held on Fa'k'be, and used as a base for Megan and Geoff if they're being all parenty
Amen'be: The space used for any council meetings held in Ma'k'be, and used as a court-room for Te'ma'i decisions, as well as a centre for all their dealings
Catacombs: The part of the cave system that we don't use, but have paths in
River: There is one river running through k'be
Ford: There are two ways of crossing the river, the ford, where it is knee deep at most is one of them
Bridge: The other is the bridge, a thin stone passage
Frontspace: The hole that you climb down into in order to control the body
Amen'tal'be / Hall: The flowing stone hall that is now part of Fa'k'be and has Frontspace in the centre, it is also of religious relevance to the te'ma'i, as the place where they worshipped their dead leaders and could call for items (in Hall, you can envisage an item and it is yours. The further from Hall you are, the weaker this is, by Ma'k'be it doesn't work at all.
Te'ma'i titles and common honorifics
Amen'tal: Dead leader(s)
Amen: Current leader
Am: Of the direct family of the current leader
Khe: Of the indirect family of the current leader
Khe'en: Second leader
A': Leader of your family
Amir: Honoured friend of the te'ma'i
Etir: Accepted friend of the te'ma'i

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