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Pagmies - "I, for my part, would rather be made from the dust of an alien world than the ether of anyone's heaven" - Shiu Wei, Amorpha
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We've got like, short descriptions of everyone you're likely to find at front here. Yes, a lot of us did choose our surnames, when we decided we needed them.

Megan Vera Hall (Megan) is a tallish woman with laughter lines creasing the corners of her greenish eyes. Her hair is a rich brown, today in a coiled plait at the back of her head. She is curvy and wearing jeans with a long cream linen top leaving tanned arms bare, and showing chewed fingernails covered in a layer of clear varnish. She looks to be in her mid to late thirties, and doesn't front very often, not because of any particular distaste for fronting, but because she spends most of her time looking after the younger children. She isn't a blood parent to any of them, but they see her as such, and she does a lot of the discipline as well. She can keep a cool head in a crisis, far better than any of the others, because she's gentler, and is willing to accept decisions. She has few out-of-system friends, she used to be friendly with Sophie of TQ, but when we began to leave the DID model behind, TQ chose to stick with it, and Megan had a lot of arguments with Sophie, terminating their friendship eventually.

Quinn Alexander Linden (Quinn) has short and vibrant red hair with wide green eyes and an open smile. He isn't tall, but nor is he short, and he has a stocky build in the bone but somehow looks androgynous, carrying no extra weight. He doesn't look especially strong, but he can manage well enough, even with his slightly deformed ankle. He's not built as a runner at all, and doesn't like running, but manages well enough in general. He is wearing comfy faded jeans, with a hole across one knee, and a rip up the other leg, as well as odd bits of dirt, cinched in at the waist with a black belt, showing the top of a pair of black boxer shorts, and is wearing a pair of scribbled on red converse on his feet, laced up tightly. He delights in walking around topless, baring two cuts below his nipples that are healing and scarring well, and are reminescent of the top surgery he hopes to have on his body someday. He has quite a lot of close friends, but would always say that Ash was his closest friend, the boy that he sees as an older brother to his tender seventeen years.

Ashton Keir Linden (Ash) has stormy grey eyes with a fall of thick black hair covering one, and sweeping to the side to show the other eye, and the sarcastic shape to the eyebrow above it. His hair shortens to spikes that he cultivates along to the back of his neck, the ends of which are sometimes bleached white, or even pink, green or blue, depending on how he feels. His visible eye has a thin line of what he denys is eyeliner, but certainly looks like it, and his short nails are often decorated with chipped black polish. He is wearing large black steel-toed boots with skinny black jeans that attach themselves to his every curve and a matching hoodie, with a blue star covering the front and back. He always carries a messenger bag slung across his slim body, and it must be bigger than it looks, because every time he delves in there for something, he comes out with what he wanted. He is taller than Quinn, but by no means tall and strongly built, although clearly not weak either. He looks about nineteen, and has taken that as his age.

Melissa Hurok Sanguine would far rather be known as Liss. Her hair is a roughly trimmed black and her eyes a darkening unnatural red. She is tall and slim, looking far older than her thirteen years. She is wearing loose black jeans and a knee length unbuttoned white shirt with fake blood splatters over a black vest top that accentuates her fast developing breasts, and a black cloak covering the whole outfit. She requested that I state that she dresses for the effect, and is in fact not a vampire, just enjoys scaring people. She is quite caustic, and has few friends, fewer even than the number of people she respects enough to be polite to. She doesn't mince her words. She claims geordie descent, and has a thick Jarrow (Newcastle, UK North) accent, that she often thickens up even more when talking to Northerners, that they don't suspect that she could ever have been born elsewhere.

Amanda Claire Hall (Manda) looks far smaller than her lengthy name would suggest, being a petite seven year old firl with a loud voice and long name. She has unruly and fluffy red hair dragged into a pair of rough and flyaway plaits, and charming blue eyes with just a wink of pink where the iris meets the pupil. She's wearing a stained plastic blue tabard over jeans covered in paint stains, showing quite clearly that she is not a fastidious girl at all, quite the opposite, with dulled white sandels and an oddly old golden locket that never leaves its place, attached safely round her slender neck. Nobody knows quite where it comes from, and it doesn't have a picture inside it, just a small lock of hair that could almost be Manda's anyway.

Emily Miret Linden-Hall (Em) looks quite dignified, petite framed and dressed in a long black skirt, hacked to show a red silk underskirt and a sleeveless black top showing off cut, scarred and anorexic arms, something she often appears proud of. She is clearly underweight, carrying no fat, and has sad eyes, she looks very much as if she hasn't got long to live, but at the same time, she claims not to want to die. She's the one of us that most habitually frequents pro-self-harm and eating disorder related websites, not willing to accept the changes in either her inside body or the front body. She is very very shy, tending rarely to front, but has recently been appointed to front team, focing her to quickly get over her anxiety issues, in order to be able to pass as the body. Her mousey hair, long since dyed black is loose, reaching smoothly down below her shoulders and her eyes are a soft grey. She looks fragile in black silk ballet shoes poking out from underneath the hem of her floor length skirt, and seems to almost glow. She is fifteen years old.

Daniel George Karet (Dan or Danny) has grown from a ragged and wayward teenager who had no loyalty to the system or group into a fine upstanding gentleman, engaged to Amy. He has short brown hair, worn mussed and often gelled up to give the morning hair look that he prizes so much and has one clear blue eye, one rich chocolate brown. He has a goatee and designer stubble, that again is carefully cultivated, as is much about his look, something common to young adults (Dan is 18) and is wearing a plain platinum ring on one finger, a symbol of how much he has calmed down from what he used to be, and how much more mature he is. He is quite muscled, with standing out veins, and is wearing dark blue jeans and a brown cotton t-shirt. He wants to work as a youth worker eventually, if possible, but would like to do something with his life that helps other boys like he was. He plans to marry Amy on New Years Day, and they are hoping to have a child together.

Amy Ushykov Karet is engaged to Dan. She has brown hair in a neat feminine crop, and wide brown eyes, the mirror image of Dan's brown one. She has curves in all the right places and a few in the wrong places, being quite plump, but is pretty with it, and has a youthful look that hides her 24 years. She is wearing a fitted blue jumper and matching jeans with simple brown leather shoes on her feet. She occasionally speaks but tends to stay with Dan, trusting him to speak for her, because he is the only person that really communicates effectively with her. She wears a ring that matches his, but hers is white gold and slightly slimmer than his chunky platinum look. She rarely socialises as she is quite severely autistic, and dislikes being in crowds or big groups but is very talented at computing and maths, enjoying the simplicity of these languages.

Hanna Berry Hall (Han) has warm blonde hair and clear light blue eyes. Her hair is scattered with the odd plait, tied off with frayed ribbon and reaches midway down her back, She is wearing a short blue denim dress and stripy fluffy blue and white socks. She is tall for her age, and slender, and often we forget that she is fast becoming a teenager. She is quiet, preferring to speak to people she knows well, and misses Carn a lot, now that he has undertaken his apprenticeship, because they were a very close pair, enjoying each others company. She tends to reject the company of the two youngest children, and can appear to bully them in her desperation to be seen as a teenager, and one of the older set. She can be quite enthusiastic when she wants, and her "cuteness" has won some firm friends, although she is insecure about these, since she is afraid of being abandoned.

Sally Berry Hall (Sal) is her sister, and they look very alike. Sally has a colder hair colour, and is wearing a soft pink top over black leggings. Her look is younger and more innocent, and she has a casual confidence, contrasting her sister's shyness. She used to sing with Taen and Nord quite a lot, depsite not being especially good, and she tends to like performing in any situation she has a chance to. She seems to have some learning difficulties, but is only five, and if she does, these haven't really been picked up on well enough to be labelled and worked with yet, although Megan is keeping an eye out. Despite her confidence, she does tend to be slightly clingy when anxious.

Geoffery Berry Letrusson (Geoff) is a tall man, with a slighly bikerish look. His head is shaved, and his loose cotton tshirt shows the slight paunch that he has developed, and the rough tattoos that hide two vertical scars running down each forearn. His eyes are faded grey, much as his jeans, and he wears heavy black boots. He is wearing a plain black cotton t-shirt, loose, and looks slightly uncomfortable, missing the te'ma'i clothes of his childhood. He is in his mid to late thirties, and brought up Ren, Taen, Nord and Carn, but now that they've flown the nest, can be seen standing around rather at a loss for what to do with himself. He is naturally parental, never being happier than when he can have a wayward child to talk to, and is sad that he has lost so much, although is the first to admit he has gained a lot also. Despite the extra weight he carries, he still looks quite physically imposing, with greenish grey eyes and a strongly boned face.

AmRen Be Russet looks digified, and every one of xir nineteen years. Xe is tall, with mid-back length silver dreadlocks and brightly vibrant green eyes that are never quite still, but always flickering round his surroundings to help him remain aware of where he is, and who might be there. Xe has tanned skin and is wearing a loose sleeveless pale cotton t-shirt, almost a tunic in length, reaching down to the tops of his thighs over a pair of brown breeches and worn leather boots. Xe is unadorned, but for a faded and scrappy green ribbon around xir left wrist, and a plain silver pommel of a sword and dagger sitting out of sheathes on his battered leather belt. His face-bones are quite prominent, showing clearly his emotions, as well as the stress of shared responsibilities between two groups. His posture is very firm, showing someone who is a true martial artist, and good with that.

A'Taen Be Letir is short and stocky with a wide orange mohiecan running down his head, and eyes that change colour to match it. He has a strong build, stocky although short for his seventeen years but acts so flamboyantly gay that it is easy to forget his strength and imposing looks. He is wearing loose black denim trousers with an embroidered rainbow darning a hole on the knee, with an open long black leather jacket, polished to a high sheen and calf-height black boots. He wears an intricate white gold ring, with three strands to symbolise the three levels of joining he and his boyfriend have completed, and is totally inseperable from his boyfriend, despite the fact taht they tend to argue constantly. He is quite sexual, loving to make innuendos, and has no idea where the line is, crossing it often.

AmNord Be Letir is taller than his joined boyfriend despite being two years younger. The height difference isn't actually a lot, but he often rubs it in for his partner, and teases him. He has shoulder length russet brown hair, wavy and feathered around his face, and is wearing neat brown creased trousers and shoes, with a loose buttoned pale green shirt, complementing his green eyes. He has a slight smile, often, but is very dreamy, and presents far more straight than his boyfriend. Despite Taen being the more physically imposing, there is no doubt in their relationship that Nord is the one in control, and he often makes people very aware that he is the top, to Taen's submissive bottom, often when they really didn't either need or want to know that. His ring is identical to Taen's, but small enough that it can nest inside it, as Nord has long slim pianist's fingers, whilst Taen's are short and stubby.

KheCarn Be Russet is an average height, with slowly growing brown hair and matching eyes. His skin is tanned, and he talks quickly, rarely pausing for his audience to take in what he is saying preferring to continue making his point as fast as possible. His clothes are an amalgamation of the te'ma'i shirt and boots, with regular jeans in between, despire the number of times he has been told he will be unable to train properly whilst wearing them, and his eyes are bright. He's quite clever for his age, but not ecxessively so, and his impish grin, combined with a very expressive face can get him out of trouble far more easily than it logically should be able to.

Kin Be Haret is a mature fourteen. He appears to be mixed-race, with deeper skin than would be likely to be a natural tan, and blazing blue eyes. His hair is a muddy brown in shoulder length dreadlocks. He has quickly adapted to the dress style at Front, and can usually be found in grubby and torn jeans, possibly with a tank-top. He seems to have an attraction to mud. He rarely wears shoes, and has equally calloused feet and hands. He carries four weapons in a leather belt - a dagger, two nunchucks and a miniature mace on a chain. He is intelligent, and has a reasonable command of English, with no sense of grammar and an accent. He can be quite cheeky, and tends to blame this on his command of English, rather than any innate sense, but he can also manage well when he needs to be serious. He very much misses Ter Be Suso, his younger brother, who is starting an apprenticeship soon also. He left apprenticing late, but seems to be really enjoying being with the front-staff, and interacting with this world, and has learnt a lot about it already, looking forward to being trusted with the body alone.

Khe'en AmTieh Be Russet is very tall, an imposing presence, and has a lordly atmosphere about him, despite being a down to earth guy. The atmosphere is more an awareness that he was born to be a leader, and of everything that might or might not entail. His dreadlocks are tied in a string knot at the back of his head, and he is wearing a sleeveless tunic over brown leggings and boots. His arms each have four parallel scars running from elbow downwards, but his eye is bright, green, the other being behind a patch. He is rarely seen without his friend Haies, whom he is very attached to. He is a father to Ren, but isn't very present, fearing that Ren would prefer to have Geoff, his younger brother, as a makeshift father,

AmNet Be Russet fronts rarely. He has an impish look, unlike his calmer older brother, and far more like his nephew Carn, and his arms are without scars. His hair is also shorter, although still in rough dreadlocks and he carries a long blade with a central handle and fighting edges at each end across his back. He can comfortably use any weapon, as most of the te'ma'i, but unlike most, he chooses to only carry his favourite, and one in which he is, as far as he is aware, unbeatable. The sheath is etched leather, matching his trousers and boots, which are  and he wears no shirt, to show two parallel chest scars, one raised and purple, the other a thin white line tracking across. His eyes are a rich brown, one of the "family colours", and have a catchy sparkle the whole time.

EtCat Be Tirin has a shaved head and almond shaped pale cream eyes, with two long dreadlocks, one either side of her neck. These reach down beyond her hips, and make up for the lack of hair on the top of her head, something she claims to cultivate deliberately so that she can be easily distinguished in crowds. She wears the customary cream tunic and brown leather leggings, but is wearing no boots. In her belt are two short sharp daggars. She is a lot quieter than most of her family, preferring to play the guard, and observe rather than talk, but she has a bright mind. She has a scar across her throat, from a wound that left her unable to talk in childhood, and although her skill has long been recovered, she prefers to make eye contact or hand gestures, and resort to using words last, if nothing else has worked to communicate.

Amen AmKirin Be Russet is wearing similar clothes to those of his family. His tunic however has long sleeves, and is a cream thick linen lined with silk, and overlaid with a green jacket, made of an unidentifiable material decorated with silver edging. His trousers and boots appear finer, the leather is far smoother than for anyone else's and the scabbard for his sword matches the design in green and silver on the small buckler style shield he has on his belt. His hair is silver with age, at the top of his dreadlocks, and a fine babyhair brown at the bottom, he has them in a knot, showing off his almond shaped green eyes. He is fully able, despite his advancing age, but is aware that soon he will have to challenge, and be killed by, his eldest son, because were there to be a war, he would be unable to fight. He is slowly resigning himself to this reality.

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This is a picture made of avatars of all the people in our system, labelled with their names. As far as possible, their clothing in this picture matches what they would typically wear, and what they wore in the descriptions
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