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Pagmies - "I, for my part, would rather be made from the dust of an alien world than the ether of anyone's heaven" - Shiu Wei, Amorpha

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In Essence, our extended statement

This was taken from Two Courts, but edited and added to to get it to this stage

*Current status: Council Agreed*

In Essence Affirmation, Full Version:

1. This body is participated in by a group. This group has an organized means of operation and will continue in whichever way is best for the group. This is to be measured by emotional, mental, and physical health of all members incorporated in said group.

2. We agree that our ongoing intent is to function at or beyond the level of any other average individual in the society around us, being aware of our own needs and requirements and taking our own action to fulfil them without requiring external government. As long as we follow this agreement, we can be counted upon to be aware of our own state of beings and to be interested in our interactions with society. Unless we prove ourselves to be incapable of maintaining our basic physical needs, we are too assumed to be as capable as any other physical body out there.

3. If we cannot restrain an individual's behaviour, we must still bear the results of said behaviour and address it if it has been decided to be a problem. We agree that the group will take the consequences of the group. It is up to the group to govern and accept the consequences of the group's behaviour though there may be individual action that was not representative of the whole. This is completely inflexible, and the group will bear the consequences of anything that is done by any individual within it.

4. As long as we perform at a functional level, it is our right to decide when and where we require external assistance. We agree that it is the responsibility of the group to remain functional. If, at any time, the group is not on a balanced keel, it is up to us to take action to repair this.

5. We agree that the group is expected to have the necessary checks and balances to maintain a level of functionality and well-being, this being that we are capable of attending any pre-arranged events, continuing work and education, and coping as effectively as a singlet if not better with any situation we need to.We are expected to know when and how to manage the needs and desires of the group's members. We do not need to seek treatment for the existence of those we may not like, but we agree to do so if their actions cannot be maintained and watched over by the group. It should be assumed that we have said checks and balances present until proven otherwise.

6. As long as this agreement is carried by this group, we will hold not only those of us we know of to it, but also those we do not. All members of this group can and will be held to this declaration's intent if they are to interact with matters externally and of the whole. If at any time, we undergo a dramatic enough shift to warrant a re-decision of keeping to this agreement, it is our duty to declare that the affirmation is no longer applicable and to re-estimate said agreement and restate if necessary. .

7. As long as we participate in the external world, we will remember to respect other people for how they present themselves to us, regardless of if they are singlet or plural to whichever degree. We will not measure ourselves against other people in terms of essence and rankings of superiority therein. We will regard them upon the grounds of how they interact with us and should be able to expect the same courtesy from them. If we feel that we are being mistreated by a singlet or another member of a plural system because of our plural nature, in particular not given the full rights of a person then we shall endeavour to explain our nature further, but in specific cases we are willing to be treated as a singlet.

8. Unless there is a time we’re we are unable to fulfil the requirements stated above, we declare that we can be counted on to operate with the goal of being a functional member of society in mind and should be given the proper status therein, unrestricted by the nature of our essential state. Those who interact with us can expect that we operate with these standards in play and will willingly repair problems if they arise. We will take our consequences for the group and will behave accordingly.

9. This contract will remain valid as long as the majority of the system is willing to subscribe to it. In order to have any say in system issues, a right to speak on council, or a right to a vote, or even the right to front, it must be signed. If anyone refuses to sign it, they lose all their rights and protection. Therefore, they can still live in k'be, but are not protected under this contract, and are denied a say in group issues, or fronting. We will however enter into regular discussion in an effort to find a way for them to become a part of the system, as it is in everyone’s advantage to work together as a group.

10. If one member of the Collective deliberately attacks or hurts anyone, any action deemed necessary by Council may be taken to keep the Collective safe. This is specific to attacks in any part of K'be. If these occur, they must be reported to a member of either council instantly.

11. All members of the system are to be treated as the age they present as, and given appropriate rights and responsibilities suitable to their identity and culture.

12. Anyone who cannot present as the birth personality should only front in the presence of somebody who can, and then in private. Only people who can present as the birth personality safely and effectively may front around other people. The only exception for this is that anyone is permitted to front in front of those who know about the multiplicity, as long as they have signed this standard.

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